Missoula, MT 59801

Month: December 2019

End of the Year Email and Pricing Update

Hello! If you are a Recycling Works customer, please check your email for our end of the year progress report and pricing updates. Thank you!

Check out our new Montana Carbon Offset Program!

Need one more holiday gift? The red ball in this picture holds approximately 1 pound of carbon dioxide. The average round trip flight from Missoula to Chicago puts over 1,000 of these red balls-worth of CO2 into the atmosphere! Check out our Montana Carbon Offset section to learn more about what an MCO is and…
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Christmas Week Pick-up Changes

Hello lovely recyclers! Recycling Works office will be CLOSED the week of December 22nd-December28th.  We will be changing your pick-up days to compensate for the closure.  Here are the date changes for that week’s glass and compost pick-ups: Tuesday Commercial- 12/24 glass pick-up moved one week later to TUESDAY 12/31 Wednesday 4 (W4)- 12/25 glass…
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