2024 Missoula Glass Recycling Drop-off Events:

Sunday, March 3rd

Sunday, June 2nd

Sunday, September 8th

Sunday, December 1st

All Missoula glass recycling drop-off events will be from 9am-2pm in the Imagine Nation Brewing Co parking lot (1151 W Broadway). 

How to Recycle Your Glass at Drop-off Events

Glass must be clean with no caps, corks, or lids (labels are okay). We accept all colors of food-grade glass, but we cannot take Pyrex, windows, or lightbulbs. Please bring glass in sturdy containers, boxes, or bags. For safety reasons, please do not intentionally break glass before events.

The suggested donation is $1 per gallon of glass recycled. All proceeds support local public education programs and housing initiatives. 

Check out how recycling with us supports your community HERE.

Volunteer - We Need Your Help!

Volunteer help for these events is crucial. We regularly get over 500 vehicles dropping off glass per event. 

If you’ve never volunteered with us before, please consider doing so. Shifts are two hours each. You can support a local nonprofit, meet nice folks from the community, and recycle your glass without a suggested donation! Call or email us to volunteer at our next event.

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