Missoula, MT 59801

Where We Pick Up

Curbside Pick-up Schedule

Find your address within the map to determine your zone and pick-up day. 

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Lolo: Your pickup date is the 4th Thursday of the month.

Ravalli County: Our friends at Ravalli County Recycling hold quarterly drop-offs.

Map Legend

W1 = 1st Wednesday of the month (yellow)

W2 = 2nd Wednesday of the month (purple)

W3 = 3rd Wednesday of the month (orange)

W4 = 4th Wednesday of the month (green)

Th1 = 1st Thursday of the month (maroon)

Th2 = 2nd Thursday of the month (brown)

Th3 = 3rd Thursday of the month (light orange)

Th4 = 4th Thursday of the month (blue)

Compost is picked up every Friday, no matter where you’re located in Missoula!

Collection Notes:

How NOT to Recycle Your Glass

recycling works missoula how not to recycle glass

How to Recycle Your Glass

recycling works missoula how to recycle glass