2024 Seeley Lake Glass Recycling Drop-off Events:

Saturday, April 13th

Saturday, July 13th

Saturday, October 12th

All of the above events will be from 10am-2pm in the Seeley Lake Community Foundation parking lot (3150 MT-83 N). 

How to Recycle Your Glass

Glass must be clean with no caps, corks, or lids (labels are okay). We accept all colors of food-grade glass, but we cannot take Pyrex, windows, or lightbulbs. 

The suggested donation is $1 per gallon of glass recycled, and all donations are given to local Seeley Lake schools! And thanks to the generosity of local nonprofit Charlie’s Helping Hands, every dollar donated will be MATCHED, up to the first $1,000 raised!

Together, Recycling Works, the Seeley Lake Community Foundation, and the Seeley Lake community have: 

  • Donated: $10,482 to local public schools
  • Recycled: 20,525 pounds of glass

Thanks for supporting this recycling cause!

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