Missoula, MT 59801



Recycling Works is a non-profit organization focused on bringing sustainable practices to Missoula.  We began as a subsidy of the Missoula Interfaith Collaborative, which is a coalition of congregations, small businesses, and other local organizations who work together to create positive change in our community.  MIC saw the need for more and better recycling practices in Missoula, and that’s when Recycling Works was born.  Since our inception in October of 2018, Recycling Works has been the only glass recycler in Western Montana.


At Recycling Works, we strive to find professional and efficient environmental solutions that eliminate excess waste and safeguard Western Montana’s pristine beauty. We ethically commit to serve our community and protect the environment, and a percentage of our proceeds go to charitable causes.


Glass is a material that can be recycled endlessly without losing it’s quality, and it’s completely safe to use as a food and beverage packaging material. Our goal is to educate folks about these benefits in order to 1) get all Montana glass recycled instead of land filled and 2)encourage local agencies to invest in glass packaging as an alternative to less recyclable materials, such as plastic. 


“Thank you for the extra pick-up!  And for letting us know about the price change.  This is the second time, in our experience, Recycling Works has offered a price reduction!  You don’t see that often these days….the price going down!  We appreciate it!”

-Clare O. glass recycler since February 2019

“This is such wonderful news! Not only that more people are actually recycling, but that you are incentivizing us to do better by passing along those price reductions.  We would love to upgrade to the largest 64 gallon option starting in August. Since we are a wine distributor, this just makes more sense!

-Martha P. glass recycler since May 2020

“It’s one of the most rewarding events we host. Recycling Works did a 100% job on safety and organizing.”

-Fernanda K. owner of Imagine Nation Brewing, where our quarterly glass drop-off events take place