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Next Drop-off Event Scheduled

Next Drop-off Event Scheduled

We’ve received such positive feedback from these drop-off events, and we continue to be blown away by the commitment of Montanans when it comes to glass recycling and sustainability! Without your participation and support, Recycling Works would not exist, so THANK YOU.
Recycling Works and Imagine Nation Brewing are partnering up for Missoula’s fourth glass drop-off event! This event will take place March 1st in the parking lot of Imagine Nation from 12-6PM.

Recycling Works will be accepting all-colored and clear glass (no light bulbs or window-glass please)for a drop-off fee of $1 per gallon. This fee covers the cost of storing and shipping the glass to our partners at Momentum Recycling for processing.

Please wash out glass thoroughly, and remove any lids and foreign materials besides labels. Lids, plastic pieces, or food residue can mess up the machines that process the glass.

There will be both 5 and 10 gallon bins provided to measure your glass volume. If you drop off less than 25 gallons, you will receive a ticket good for $1 off a beer or kombucha, courtesy of Imagine Nation. 25 gallons or more gets you a $2 off ticket. All tickets valid for March 1st ONLY.

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  1. Mike says:


    I spoke with someone just a bit ago and was told I could break the glass (in my own bucket) to better judge the ‘gallon content’. On this page it says you don’t accept broken glass.

    I’m not trying to be difficult on purpose. I just want to save my money where possible, but still recycle as much as possible.

    Please advise.

    Thank you,

    • Sarah Nesci says:

      Hello Mike,

      In the past, we have made some exceptions if you break the glass at your own residence and use your own 5 or 10 gallon container to keep the measurement consistent. The tricky part with this is that you have to be the one directly handling it at the drop-off event(safety hazard for staff and volunteers), and the glass cannot be broken down so much that it no longer serves it’s aggregate purpose at the processing facility. Having some people break it down while others do not also makes anticipating pricing trickier for our shipments to the processing facility, which are calculated based on volume/weight. For these reasons, we do not recommend breaking the glass. If the glass is already broken, we will still accept it, but please refrain from purposely breaking as much as possible.

      We apologize for any confusion.

      RW Team

      • Mike says:


        I live in the Bitterroot and according to the local newspaper, you’ll be in town for recycling on Oct 3. I can’t find this on YOUR site, though. Will you be in Hamilton on Oct 3?


        • Sarah Nesci says:

          Hi Mike,

          We will be posting soon! We were waiting for approval from the Ravalli County folks on our marketing and advertising.

          RW Team

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