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Pilot Program- Once Monthly Pick-up for Outer Neighborhoods

Hello Everyone!

Recycling Works is testing out once-monthly pick-up for the East Missoula, Grant Creek, Captain John Mullan, and Miller Creek neighborhoods.

If you live in one of these neighborhoods, look out for both a call and email from Recycling Works to update you on this change.

All other neighborhoods will remain on bi-weekly pick-up as we test out this pilot.

Our research shows that once monthly pick-up will be both beneficial for customers (lower pricing) and the environment (less emissions from driving).

We will, however, have to cease compost pick-up for these pilot customers. As always, we recommend Missoula Compost Collection to continue getting pick-ups for your organic material.

Here is the pricing breakdown:

5 gallon: $8.50/month

10 gallon: $12.50/month

20 gallon: $17.50/month

35 gallon: $22.50/month

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  1. Annabelle Hacker

    Why is the pick up fee so much less for this pilot program?

    1. Sarah Nesci

      Hi Annabelle,

      The fee is less because we only pick-up from these pilot customers once a month versus the every-other-week pick-ups that all of our other customers receive.

      Thank you,
      Recycling Works Inc.

  2. Kari Ann Owen

    I would love for you to pick up my glass iced tea bottles once a month. in East Missoula. Will you also accept plastic water.bottles? I am a disabled senior and wonder about your rates.

    1. Sarah Nesci

      Hi Kari Ann,

      We can definitely pick-up those glass iced tea bottles, but we cannot accept plastic at this time. We have started a once-monthly pick-up for East Missoula so our rates are as followed:
      5 gallon: $8.50/month

      10 gallon: $12.50/month

      20 gallon: $17.50/month

      35 gallon: $22.50/month

      Please feel free to call us at (406)215-4650 and we can talk more about the service if you’d like.

      Thank you,
      Recycling Works Inc.

  3. Ashley Juran

    If I live in Missoula but outside of your pick-up locations can I bring my glass containers to you?

    1. Sarah Nesci

      Hi Ashley,

      If you’d like to email me ( with your address, I bet you’re in one of our once-monthly pilot locations for pick-up if you are within Missoula limits.

  4. Cathy Scholtens

    If we live in Stevensville, other than your event at Imagine Nation is there a way for us to drop off glass? Would it still be $5 per 5 gallon bin?

    1. Sarah Nesci

      Hi Cathy,

      We are still working on adding more drop-off opportunities for recyclers outside of Missoula other than our quarterly drop-offs. Stay tuned for updates!

  5. CJ Stevens

    I’m south of Lolo. Can I bring in a load of glass periodically?

    1. Sarah Nesci

      Hello CJ,

      At this point, the best option to drop off your glass is to bring it to one of our drop-off events at Imagine nation brewing. The next event will be March 1st, 2020.

  6. Charlene Crofoot

    I love this! Hopefully You can pick up from my address, but if not, I will drive it to where you do pick it up.

    1. Sarah Nesci

      Thanks Charlene! You can now see if you’re in our pick-up area with our interactive map tab.

  7. M Robin

    Is there an option for dropping off glass. We live in the Bitterroot but would be more than willing to haul our glass to Missoula m.

    1. Sarah Nesci

      Hi M,

      We offer quarterly drop-offs at Imagine nation brewing. The next one will be March 1, 2020!

  8. Wayne Smith

    We live in Potomac and would like to drop off glass, since Republic Services stopped accepting glass a year or two ago. We currently recycle plastic (PETE1) and cardboard there.
    Do you have a drop off location or will you be having one?

    Thanks, Wayne

    1. Sarah Nesci

      Hi there Wayne,

      At the moment, we do not have an official designated drop-off site. We only offer a curbside pick-up service. However, we host the occasional drop-off event where those from outside of Missoula can come in and pay to drop off their glass. Our next drop-off event is set for Sunday, November 3rd, 2019 at Imagine Nation Brewing from 12pm – 6pm. There’s more information on our website under the “News & Updates” section. Thanks, Wayne! Hope to see you there.

  9. Tracy McDonald

    I am not in any of the pickup areas. I am on Windemere Drive off of Big Flat. Would you please put me on an email list to receive drop off events notices?

    1. Sarah Nesci

      Hi Tracy,

      Unfortunately, we no longer use a mailing list for the drop-off events. We will do our best to spread the word to areas outside of Missoula for our next drop-off on March 1st.

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