Missoula, MT 59801


“Thank you for the extra pick-up!  And for letting us know about the price change.  This is the second time, in our experience, Recycling Works has offered a price reduction!  You don’t see that often these days….the price going down!  We appreciate it!”

-Clare O. customer since February 2019

“This is such wonderful news! Not only that more people are actually recycling, but that you are incentivizing us to do better by passing along those price reductions.  We would love to upgrade to the largest 64 gallon option starting in August. Since we are a wine distributor, this just makes more sense!

-Martha P. customer since May 2020

“It’s one of the most rewarding events we host. Recycling Works did a 100% job on safety and organizing.”

-Fernanda K. owner of Imagine Nation Brewing, where our quarterly glass drop-off events take place