Paper, Plastic, Cardboard, and Metal

Biweekly Curbside Pickup

Service includes three 18 gallon bins with lids—one for paper, one for plastics, one for metal

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#1 Clear PET and #2 Colorless HDPE Only

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Newspapers, Magazines & White Office Paper

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Aluminum & Steel Cans

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We do not provide a bin for cardboard

For small cardboard and paperboard pieces, please flatten and place in a sturdy cardboard box or bin of your own.

For large cardboard, please flatten and place under or between your bins.

Why Sort Materials Into Separate Bins?

Less Contamination

The convenience of single-stream—or”all-in-one”—recycling comes at a cost. Contamination levels are much higher, with an estimated 30% of materials collected ending up in the landfill.

Cleaner & More Effective

Process matters! By sorting the material into separate bins before collection, you will ensure that more of your recyclables truly get recycled.

Our Bins vs All-in-One Bin


Biweekly Pickup: $30/month

Includes pickup of paper, plastic, cardboard, metal

(Glass is billed separately)

One-Time Bin Fee: $35

Your dollar supports your community!

Recycle with us and give back to local public school programs and housing initiatives.

lowell elementary pta winner
MIC donation from recycling works 2022
Thank you so much for the great work that your company is doing with genuine commitment to our environment. Personally, I think our extra effort sorting at home and your organization's effort to get it right is key.
- Multi-Stream Recycler
Missoula, MT