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Recycling Works is a non-profit organization focused on bringing sustainable practices to Missoula.  We began as a subsidy of the Missoula Interfaith Collaborative, which is a coalition of congregations, small businesses, and other local organizations who work together to create positive change in our community.  MIC saw the need for more and better recycling practices in Missoula, and that’s when Recycling Works was born.  Since our inception in October of 2018, Recycling Works has been the only glass recycler in Western Montana.


Here at Recycling Works, we believe in a zero waste community. The City of Missoula has adopted the mission to reach 90% zero waste by the year 2050, and we wholeheartedly adopt this mission through our practices of glass recycling and organics composting. 

Proceeds will go to MIC and their homeless family housing program, Family Promise, as well as to supporting public school initiatives here in Missoula, Montana.


Glass is a material that can be recycled endlessly without losing it’s quality, and it’s completely safe to use as a food and beverage packaging material. Our goal is to educate folks about these benefits in order to 1) get all Montana glass recycled instead of land filled and 2)encourage local agencies to invest in glass packaging as an alternative to less recyclable materials, such as plastic. 

Congregations Recycling With Us

St. Paul Lutheran 

Blessed Trinity

St. Francis Xavier

First United Methodist

Annunciation Greek Orthodox

University Congregational Church (UCC)

Unitarian Universalist Fellowship

Spirit of Peace

Holy Spirit Episcopal

Missoula Friends Meeting

Our Savior’s Lutheran- Bonner

New Hope Christian Fellowship

Call (406)215-4650 or email sarah@recyclingworksmt.com to inquire about sponsorship opportunities!