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Pilot Program- Once Monthly Pick-up for Outer Neighborhoods

Hello Everyone! Recycling Works is testing out once-monthly pick-up for the East Missoula, Grant Creek, Captain John Mullan, and Miller Creek neighborhoods. If you live in one of these neighborhoods, look out for both a call and email from Recycling Works to update you on this change. All other neighborhoods will remain on bi-weekly pick-up…
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Fundraising Event

Come join us and support Recycling Works!

5 vs. 10 gallon

For those asking for a visual between our 5 and 10 gallon bucket:

Now picking up for (almost) all of Missoula!

Recycling Works will now be offering pick-ups to all residents within the City of Missoula! Please email sarah@recyclingworksmt.com or call our office at (406)215-4650 to get signed up. (still working on an online sign-up system- it’s now very obvious why we went into recycling instead of IT)

Updated Calendar

Hello all! Recycling Works added new pick-up days, so please check our updated calendar, plus your email, to see what day of the week your glass/compost will be picked up.

Service Update

Recycling Works will be doing EVERY OTHER WEEK pick-up for compost services (so the same time as your glass pick-up). Because of scheduling difficulties as we add more pick-up days, we can no longer offer weekly compost pick-up. We highly recommend Missoula Compost Collection, LLC for your WEEKLY compost needs! *We are also in the process of…
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Compost Suggestion

To everyone getting our compost pick-up service (and those that are interested): This cold weather makes a lot of your organic material stick to the inside of our buckets if left out overnight. To help our pick-up driver out, it would be great if you could put your buckets out during the morning of pick-up…
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Tomorrow will be the last day of ALL-RECYCLABLES pick-up from Recycling Works! Please check your emails for more information regarding this change from sarah@recyclingworksmt.com. We will be strictly a glass and compost pick-up company from here on!