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Montana Carbon Offset F.A.Q.

Frequently Asked Questions


To be an environmentally conscience consumer that values reducing Montana’s carbon footprint. Currently, Montana emits over 30 tons of carbon per capita annually, that is more than 50% higher than the national average*. Buying Montana Carbon Offsets is an investment into statewide programs that are reducing Montana’s greenhouse gas emissions and waste by recycling and planting trees in national parks and urban forests. 

*Montana Department of Environmental Quality 

100% of your investment will go toward recycling initiatives and tree planting efforts in Montana. Your contribution goes to mitigate operational and transportational costs associated with recycling programs in Montana and to help fund tree planting programs in national parks after wildfires, deforestation and other such events.

A carbon footprint is the measure of all the carbon emissions caused directly and indirectly by a person, event, organization, action or product. Carbon emissions are calculated by totaling all the greenhouse gasses that contribute to global warming and pollution. We found our statistics for Montana’s carbon emissions from the Montana DEQ website and Chooseenergy.com and encourage you to take a look at their statistics too. You can also use the EPA’s household carbon footprint calculator to find your own carbon footprint. 

We are in partnership with local and national tree planting organizations that will be planting trees throughout Montana and national parks. Money from MCO purchases will sponsor the trees that they will plant now and in the future.

The money from MCO purchases will go to help fund and finance the operating costs of recycling programs in Montana. Recycling Works Inc. and Red Lodge Recycling are working together to reduce Montana’s waste and need help funding storage and transportation of recyclables. Purchasing MCOs will help mitigate those costs and enable them to collect and recycle even more materials.

Recycling Works Inc. has committed to being a carbon neutral company and therefore has pledged to sponsor the planting of trees to offset every last pound of carbon emitted by the collection and transportation of their recycling.