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Missoula Glass Recycling Drop-off Dates – 2023

Hi! Here are the 2023 Missoula glass recycling drop-off dates:

  • Sunday, March 5th
  • Sunday, June 4th
  • Sunday, September 10th
  • Sunday, December 3rd

All of the above events will be from 9am-2pm at Imagine Nation Brewing (1151 W Broadway). Please do not leave glass at Imagine Nation outside of drop-off event times.

Glass must be clean with no caps, corks, or lids (labels are okay). We accept all colors of food-grade glass, but we cannot take Pyrex, windows, or lightbulbs. 

For all of the above events, the suggested donation is $1 per gallon of glass. (See how we give back to our community here!)

Hope to see you there, and thanks for recycling your glass with us!

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