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December 2020 Glass Drop-off

December 2020 Glass Drop-off

With approval from the Missoula Department of Health, here is our current plan for the December 6th Glass Drop-off :

-Pre-shift health assessment for all employees and volunteers

-Cars enter on one side of parking lot- recyclers stay in vehicle while volunteers unload glass from their cars

-Volunteers estimate volume and hand driver a sticky note with this amount written on it

-Recyclers drive to one of two payment tables, hand over ticket with volume, and pay volunteer at table via Credit Card, Cash, or Check. All volunteers wearing masks and gloves.

-Exchange of coupon for $$ off Imagine Nation beer in future, if recycler is interested Recycler Exits Event

4 Responses

  1. Tom Carlson says:

    Are volunteers needed for this event? I have volunteered before and am available.

    • Sarah Nesci says:

      Hi Tom,

      Thanks for reaching out! Due the coronavirus, we have tried to limit the number of volunteers who help out at these drop-offs. We have enough volunteers for this December 6th drop-off, but if things are looking better in March, we may reach out to you to volunteer again.

      ~RW Team

  2. Cathleen says:

    Thanks so much for hosting the drop off event at Imagine Brewing today! So convenient- I stopped on my way to the recycling center on Broadway. We just moved from Seattle and thought we’d have to drive all our glass back when we went to visit! 😂 So glad Missoula has Recycling Works now!!

    • Sarah Nesci says:

      Thank you, Cathleen! We’re happy to have so much community support in order to keep recycling.

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