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June 7th Glass Drop-off Still ON

We’re happy to announce, with approval from the Missoula City-County Health Department, Recycling Works will be able to hold our 5th glass drop-off event at Imagine Nation Brewing on June 7th!

This event will be different than previous drop-offs in order to follow health and safety guidelines for COVID-19. A visual depiction will be posted on this event page shortly, but the idea is basically a glass drop-off drive-thru. As Imagine Nation will still be open for take-out orders, we are mindful of using space in their parking lot, so we encourage everyone who plans to drop off glass to stagger their drop offs between 12-6pm, aka, if there are a lot of people in line to drop off, please swing back around in twenty minutes or so.

We also encourage everyone dropping off to wear masks and maintain 6ft between themselves and others.

Glass Drop-off Guidelines:
–>Cars enter on one side of the parking lot closest to Imagine Nation building and form a queue.
–>Halfway down parking lot, cars will stop, one at a time with one person exits to unload their glass. A volunteer with proper mask and gloves will be on each side of the parking lot next to seven or eight 64-gallon bins.
–>Customers dump their own glass into these bins while volunteers eyeball volume to determine price. When finished unloading, volunteer hands the customer a ticket with number of gallons dropped off.
–>Customer drives to one of two payment tables at the exit of the parking lot, hands over ticket with volume, and pays the volunteer via Credit Card, Cash, or Check. All volunteers will be wearing masks and gloves and hand sanitizer will be available here.
–>If desired, these volunteers will also provide a coupon for $$ off Imagine Nation beer/kombucha.

And that’s it! Please feel free to leave a comment or question on this page. The Recycling Works team wants to make sure that everyone can still get there glass recycled with us in a safe way!