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Next Glass Drop-off Event – November 3rd at Imagine Nation Brewing

Recycle your stored glass with us at our next glass drop-off event!

glass recycling works drop off event missoula november

Please join Recycling Works and Imagine Nation Brewing for our third glass drop-off event of the year!

WHEN: Sunday, November 3rd, 2019 from 12-6pm

WHERE: Imagine Nation Brewing Co.
1151 W Broadway, Missoula, MT
End of parking lot

– Cost is $5 per 5 gallon bucket filled (these buckets will be provided at the event)
– Glass must be washed and clean with no caps/lids of any sort.
– Glass can be any color and all bottles and jars are accepted. Items such as windowpanes and lightbulbs have material in them that CANNOT be accepted unfortunately.
-Please do not purposely break any glass, as this causes a safety hazard for our employees and volunteers.

WHY: Reduce our impact on the environment. Reuse material already in use.

***All glass recyclers get $1 off his/her first beer or kombucha, courtesy of Imagine Nation Brewing! ♥
$2 off coupons will be given for those bringing 25+ gallons of glass.***

Lastly, there will be the opportunity to sign up for our monthly pick-up service at the event! Drop-off events are great for those who do not produce enough to warrant the monthly pick-up and those outside of Missoula who do not currently qualify for our pick-up, but our primary goal is to get as many people signed up for monthly pick-up as possible and divert as much glass as we can from the landfill. Our monthly pick-up service will save you time, money, and gas costs, while creating a culture around glass recycling that is sustainable for the long-term. Consider signing up when you stop by to drop-off your glass!

Thanks for reading and a BIG THANK YOU to Imagine Nation Brewing for their continued generosity in hosting this event for us.

Hope to see you all out there!

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  1. Jess

    How often are these drop off events held? We have to pay $5 for the recycling?

    1. Sarah Nesci

      Hi there,

      We try to hold the drop-off events quarterly, so after this one the next will likely be in late winter or early spring of 2020.

      Yes, it’s $5 per five gallon bin filled. Essentially, it’s $1 per gallon of glass. The reason for the cost is because glass is heavy and therefore expensive to ship to glass processing facilities.

      Hope to see you there. Thanks!

  2. Genevieve Fix

    I live in Stevensville and could not make it to the drop-off event on the 3rd. Is it possible to drop off the glass at your location? I would pay to do it.
    Thank you.

    1. Sarah Nesci

      Hello Genevieve,

      Yes, we could definitely set something up in the meantime before our next glass drop-off on March 1st. Please give us a call (406)215-4650 or shoot me an email-– to schedule a time to come drop off.

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