Support the Construction of Missoula’s Glass Transfer Station

Visit our IndieGogo page to learn more and donate!

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  1. Gena Burghoff

    This is amazing! Thank you for your work on this. Red Lodge Recycling is excited for our relationship in the future!

    1. Sarah Nesci

      Thanks so much, Gena! We’re looking forward to it as well!

  2. Connie L Grenz

    Ash Grove Cement in Montana City takes glass collected at the Montana City Transfer site and uses it in its processes. Are there other companies like that in Montana that can be accessed?

    We are so excited by your efforts! Hope it all succeeds!!

    1. Sarah Nesci

      Hi Connie,

      We have contacted Ash Grove in the past, but they do have a limit to how much glass they can take and use as aggregate. Unfortunately, they are at capacity quite often it seems. We don’t plan on giving up, though! Thank you for the advice.

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