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Now picking up for (almost) all of Missoula!

Recycling Works will now be offering pick-ups to all residents within the City of Missoula! Please email or call our office at (406)215-4650 to get signed up. (still working on an online sign-up system- it’s now very obvious why we went into recycling instead of IT)

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  1. Bridget A Johnson

    Are you covering the Target Range area yet? Thanks!

    1. Sarah Nesci

      Yes, we are covering that area! Please fill out our form on the Sign Up Now page if you’re interested in service!

  2. Sundee Carr

    I’m so glad MIC is providing this service! Can we bring glass to you or just pickup?

    1. Sarah Nesci

      Hi Sundee,

      We are excited to be offering this service! We are only a pick-up service at this time, so if you live in the Missoula area, we’d love to get you signed up! We recommend going in with neighbors if you do not believe you produce enough glass to warrant the pick-up.

      Thank you,
      Recycling Works Inc.

  3. Michael Tester

    I live off of Fire Bucket Loop, NW of Missoula, are you covering that area?

    1. Sarah Nesci

      Hello Michael,

      As of right now, Fire Bucket Loop is a little outside of our pick-up zone. We are having a drop-off at Imagine Nation Brewing on July 21st from 12-8pm if you’d like to stop by for that!

      ~Recycling Works

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