What We Pick-Up



  • Wine Bottles                                                            
  •  Beer Bottles                                                            
  •  Spirit Bottles                                                            
  • Clean (!) Food Jars                                                 
  • Labels All OK 


  • Caps/Corks/Lids
  • Food Residue
  • Window Glass/ Light bulbs      
  • Any Glass not for Food/Beverage Use                            

*items like light bulbs and window glass can not be picked up due to foreign properties in their chemical compositions


Recycling Works accepts all food waste besides meat, grease, and garbage.  Materials such as wood chippings and sawdust can be accepted as long as they fit in the curbside bucket.

Please do not put any of the following into our compost bins:

  • Construction debris other than lumber
  • Plastics of any kind (Please Recycle)
  • Metal of any kind (Please Recycle)
  • Garbage of any kind (no meat, grease, or dairy)
  • Painted or treated wood
  • Rocks, gravel or concrete
  • Un-bailed hay, straw, manure or animal bedding
  • Root balls containing rocks or dirt

*For more information on what can and cannot be composted, please visit the Garden City Compost website, operated by the City of Missoula