Recycling Works Inc. is a benefit corporation under the non-profit Missoula Interfaith Collaborative.  Missoula Interfaith Collaborative, or MIC, is made up of 32 congregations and community organizations in Missoula who work together and leverage each other’s strengths in order to create meaningful change.  Profits from Recycling Works go back to support MIC and the community through different housing and organizing initiatives.


Here at Recycling Works, we believe in a zero waste community.  The City of Missoula has adopted the mission to produce zero waste by the year 2050, and we wholeheartedly take on that mission, as well.


Reduce, Reuse, Rehouse- where does this slogan come from?  The first and second R’s- reduce and reuse- comes from our philosophy.  On this mission to become a zero waste community, the first step is to change people’s mindsets and behavior.  If the Missoula community is more aware of what types of materials they’re purchasing and where those materials end up when they don’t need them anymore, we can understand exactly how much “waste” we’re producing.  Reducing consumption of items wrapped in plastic and Styrofoam and reusing more of what we already own is a lifestyle change that we heavily encourage.

Rehouse is the third, and equally important “R”, of the Recycling Works slogan.  As a benefit corporation for MIC, Recycling Works is working to make a profit each year that can help sustain one of the biggest programs for MIC, Family Promise.  Family Promise is a homeless family housing program that provides shelter, food, transportation, and case management to Missoula families struggling to make ends meet.  Recycling Works looks to make not only a positive environmentally impact, but also a positive social impact for the city of Missoula.  


Montana citizens recycle 13% less than the average American citizen.  Why is that?  Glass is one of the answers.  Montana has not yet established a recycling infrastructure for glass.  There are no glass bottle manufacturers in the state to melt and reuse our glass, and, unlike other states such as Minnesota, no one has established methods for using broken glass in roadways and construction.  Montanans are behind on the recycling curve, and our goal is to change that.

Our goal for the future is to establish those methods of using broken glass, or aggregate, in state construction and manufacturing projects.  This goal will take some time to accomplish, so our method, in the meantime, is to collect and store your glass locally, and then ship it down to a large recycling facility out of state that has the means to efficiently create and use aggregate.  This facility does a fantastic job of separating and sorting the glass so that it can be turned into products like fiberglass.

Your organic material will be collected and brought to Garden City Compost.  Garden City has perfected their composting methods, and they sell ready-to-use compost for your garden.

Contact Us:

Office Location: 202 Brooks St. Missoula, MT 59801

Phone: (406)215-4650

Email: info@recyclingworksmt.com