Now picking up for (almost) all of Missoula!

Recycling Works will now be offering pick-ups to all residents within the City of Missoula! Please email or call our office at (406)215-4650 to get signed up. (still working on an online sign-up system- it’s now very obvious why we went into recycling instead of IT)

Updated Calendar

Hello all!

Recycling Works added new pick-up days, so please check our updated calendar, plus your email, to see what day of the week your glass/compost will be picked up.

Service Update

Recycling Works will be doing EVERY OTHER WEEK pick-up for compost services (so the same time as your glass pick-up). Because of scheduling difficulties as we add more pick-up days, we can no longer offer weekly compost pick-up.

We highly recommend Missoula Compost Collection, LLC for your WEEKLY compost needs!

*We are also in the process of adding a new sign-up software to make it easier for our current/future customers to keep track of service, so if you are ready to sign-up, hold tight just a little longer as we work to get this update installed!

Compost Suggestion

To everyone getting our compost pick-up service (and those that are interested):

This cold weather makes a lot of your organic material stick to the inside of our buckets if left out overnight. To help our pick-up driver out, it would be great if you could put your buckets out during the morning of pick-up OR use a biodegradable bag inside the bucket to help it slide out. We’ll also try to provide the bags if our budget allows for it.

Crossing our fingers for Spring to come soon!


Tomorrow will be the last day of ALL-RECYCLABLES pick-up from Recycling Works! Please check your emails for more information regarding this change from

We will be strictly a glass and compost pick-up company from here on!

New Customer Sign-up

If you live in the University or Lewis and Clark neighborhoods, we have started sign-ups for glass and organics pick beginning this February! If you have already signed-up, the pick-up schedule will be posted on our Calendar tab.

If you are interested in signing up and live in one of those two neighborhoods, please reach out by emailing or calling our office at (406)215-4650!

December 2018 Update

Thank you to all who participated in our focus group on December 19th! We got some very valuable information as to what Missoula citizens are looking for when it comes to glass and organics recycling.

Shout-out to Claire Bonino-Britsch for coming up with our new slogan: Reduce, Reuse, Rehouse

This slogan encompasses every part of our mission to help keep valuable stuff out of our landfill and use our profits to help house homeless families through our parent company, Missoula Interfaith Collaborative.

Schedule For November 2018

Recycling Works is currently picking up recyclables from the old I.E. Recycling customers in Missoula.

If you get all of your recyclables picked-up (tin, cardboard, paper, plastic, etc.), please have your bins out on November 12th and 26th.

If you are a glass pick-up only, please have your 5 or 10 gallon bucket out on November 16th and 30th.


Thanks for recycling!